About Us

EZ Prospects, is a customer relations management (CRM) software development company located in Dallas Texas that helps clients in the Network Marketing/Direct Sales industries improve their performance by collaborating to build solutions focused on efficiency and simplicity.

The staff at EZ Prospects has over 15 years of experience in network marketing, direct sales, programming, lead generation, web design, marketing, copywriting, branding, and customer service.

Our team of developers have designed and developed online applications for a variety of clients ranging from the US Army, Celanese, Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce to major enterprises in the transportation, consulting and retail industries.

By building our software completely from the ground up, and by listing to what you want, EZ Prospects has created what will very soon become known as one of the most powerful and dynamic web hosted Prospect Management/Marketing solutions available in the Network Marketing and Direct Sales industries. Helping you succeed is our passion. We take care of our customers, and that's why we will have one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry. We take this very seriously and with a great deal of pride.

We Listen To Our Clients. By Listening We Learn. By Learning, We Broaden Our Capabilities.”

Our customers and partners are the number one source for insight into what we deliver. We listen to your suggestions. In fact, nearly half of the unique features in EZ Prospects system have come directly from communication with our customers and leading distributors throughout the industry.

At EZ Prospects we work hard to combine talent and technology with outstanding customer service to build long-term partnerships with you and your business.

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